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  • Skin Candy 7 Color Primary Tattoo Ink Set

    Skin Candy 7 Color Primary Tattoo Ink Set

    This is a tattoo ink set offered by Skin Candy.  It is the 7 Color Primary Set.  It features Whitegirl, Ripple, Super Bee, Triple Blue, Blood Orange, Crimson Blood, and Junglist Dark Green.  Add a bottle of black Kabuki or Katana Ink and...

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  • Skin Candy UV Black Light Tattoo Ink Set

    We’ve been getting a ton of requests for the Skin Candy UV Tattoo Inks.  It seems we get at least one request a day for an “invisible tattoo”.  Makes us laugh every time.  the UV Invisible ink is pretty cool though and if used correctly,...

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  • Joker Tattoo 21 Color Tattoo Ink Set

    The Joker Tattoo Ink 21 color set has a large variety of colors.  This is a dispersion based tattoo ink that is easy to apply.  The colors heal very bright.  We have found the Gold Rush, Cotton Candy and Enzo Red are excellent performers.  The...

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  • Katana Black Tattoo Ink at Joker Tattoo Supply

    Katana Black Tattoo Ink for Outlining and Graywash

    The Katana line of Black outlining tattoo ink has proven to be a great ink.  Crisp lines that heal well, stay dark and don’t blowout.  The Katana Graywash is consistently produced batch afterbatch and produces outstanding gradients.

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