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  • Want to be a Tattoo Artist? Joker Tattoo Kit Level 1 is the kit for you!

    This Tattoo Kit Features 1 Tattoo Machine (Can be tuned as a Liner or Shader) Dual Machine Digital Power Supply Foot Pedal Clip Cord Joker Tattoo 15 Color Ink Set in 1oz. Bottles (Amazing Ink!, You’ll Love It.) 5-Pack of Tattoo Needles 5-Pack of Disposable Tubes with comfortable rubber grips 50-Pack of Grommets/Nipples 50-Pack...

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  • LED Ultra Slim Light Panels

    Ultra Bright LED Light Panels Availble Now!

    New to Joker Tattoo Supply are the LED Light Panels. Panels are ultra slim 3/4” in profile, can conveniently fit into your briefcase or portfolio.  The light panel use the brightest LED lights available. Manufactured in the USA. For questions on the LED Light Panels...

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  • Check out these Textured Tattoo Needles are

    Joker Tattoo Supply Is Now Offering Textured Tattoo Needles

    Newly Featured on the Joker Tattoo Supply website are these Textured Tattoo Needles. The 12 gauge textured needles are specifically made to carry a larger amount of ink and create a very solid color. Available  in 17 different needle sizes. For questions on the Textured...

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  • Sullen Blaq Paq a Hit with Tattoo Artists Worldwide

    Sullen Blaq Paq a Hit with Tattoo Artists

    The Sullen Blaq Paq is perfect for the tattoo artist on the go. Features: Laptop Sleeve Sketchbook Pouch Fully Enclosed Compartments Power Supply Strap iPod or iPhone Pocket Headphone Slit Paintbrush Pockets Padded Tattoo Machine Pouches with Double Lockable Zippers Customizable Modular Plastic Cases for: Inks, Tubes, Needles, Ink Caps, Grommets Etc. Perfect for the tattoo...

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  • Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machines at

    Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machines

    Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machines are proving to be a strong contender in the rotary tattoo machine marketplace.  These machines are designed and manufactured in Sweden from quality materials.  The attention to detail can be seen in each and every machine.  The Dragonfly...

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  • BugPin Tattoo Needles at Joker Tattoo Supply

    BugPin Tattoo Needles from Joker Tattoo Supply

    The new selection of BugPin Tattoo Needles from Joker Tattoo Supply are amazing. Perfect for producing high quality portrait tattoos. The tight groupings, fine gauge needles and long tapers make these tattoo needles some of the best available in the industry. They...

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  • Tattoo Machines by Joker Tattoo Supply

    Tattoo Machines at Joker Tattoo Supply

    These Damascus Steel Tattoo Machines are possibly the best deal available.  They run very strong and are built tough.  These machines could easily sell in the $400 to $500 range.  They are truly the biggest bang for your buck.  You can run these machines as...

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  • Dringenberg Tattoo Machines

    Dringenberg Tattoo Machines

    Many of the top tattoo artists around the world have come to rely on their Dringenberg Tattoo Machines.  These machines come tuned and ready to go as soon as you receive it.  The machines can be set up as a Liner, Shader or for Color...

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  • Tattoo DVD “Get Real” by Mike Devries

    Check out this Tattoo DVD by Mike Devries.  It films Mike doing the tattoo shown on the cover , from start to finish with Mike doing a voice over explaining many aspects of the tattoo. Mike explains stencil application, needles, ink, color...

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  • Hammer Rotary Tattoo Machines at

    Hammer Rotary Tattoo Machines

    The Hammer Rotary tattoo machine is a smooth running, quiet and lightweight tattoo machine. Many tattoo artists prefer these Hammer Rotary Tattoo Machines for shading work. These machines create great blends between colors.  The Hammer Rotary Tattoo Machines are much...

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